Bilel Kouider

Program Manager Architect

About me

Entrepreneur at heart with a passion for startups, social good and happiness. High energy, data driven and results oriented I'm focused on strategic execution and operational excellence to execute projects, programs & portfolios. I'm passionate about new business models and how new technology can drive better customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Graduated in Business & Management from Grenoble University (France) & University of Exeter (UK), I had the opportunity to start a digital company called Wepic. My focus in this business was to develop a social app and building a business model around it. This venture allowed me to develop critical skills associated with starting and running a business and gave me the opportunity to work in Silicon Valley where I met and worked with other entrepreneurs.

After managing Wepic for two years, I decided to join in Sept 2016, the HP Inc team as a Global Program Manager where I was co-leading a program to move from the CRM Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics. Successfully transitioned in 12 months, my current mission is to manage the Sales Collaboration Platform strategy to ensure a successful platform execution, focusing on both business effectiveness and operational efficiency.

In today’s world, nothing works forever. Everything can be improved. Always. To unclock my creativity, here's what I usually do:

  • Travelling and creating new experiences. Travelling is one of the best ways for me to understand different cultures, meet new people and gain new perspectives.
  • Out on the sports field playing a game of soccer or running in the mountains.
  • Reading a good thriller or a book on how business people succeeded in innovating
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    "Bilel is a bright person. When I met him in San Francisco, I was impressed by his level of creativity and enthusiasm. Bilel's quick thinking and motivation levels is refreshing and a source of inspiration for people who work closely with him."

    - Chouki Aktouf. CEO @Defacto Technology

    My resume

    The value of work has always been an important factor in my family environment. I started to work at an early age which allowed me to accomplish the objectives I had set. I realized very early on that your personal life is very closely linked to your professional life and having a variety of experiences gives you insight and capabilities, which define who you are and what you want to be. The value of work allowed me to become responsible and continually strive to meet objectives both personally and professionally.

    Work Experience

    Sept 2016 - now

    Global CRM/PRM Program Manager @HP Inc

    from Sept 2016 to now

    Global CRM/PRM Program Manager Sales Operations @HP Inc

  • Successfully transitioned from SFDC CRM to MS Dynamics solution in 12 months
  • Managing the global CRM/PRM Platform strategy & planning to ensure a successful platform execution
  • Driving and analyzing users requirements focusing on both business effectiveness and operational efficiency
  • Driving multiple cross functional teams including HP IT, Microsoft, Sales Ops and Regional Ops teams
  • Initiated and leading chatbot’s project to provide real time support and increase users productivity and satisfaction
  • Leading PROS Opportunity Detection’s project leveraging AI to increase sales effectiveness, optimize lead generation, optimize cross-selling & improve customer loyalty
  • Leading the definition of the platform metrics and process to identify optimization and improvement to the CRM architecture, process & usability.
  • Managing thru the CRM/PRM a community of 9000 sales users & 250k partners (166 countries and 26 languages) with one goal in mind - How to improve the day in the life of our Partner and Sales community?
  • Jun 2014 - Aug 2016

    Co-founder & CEO @Wepic

    from Jun 2014 - Aug 2016

    • Created and managed a digital start-up
    • Raised 60k$
    • Managed 5k active users
    • Lean start-up and growth hacking methodology
    • Application and website design
    • Data analytics
    • Managed small team
    • Digital marketing campaigns
    • Market study in the Silicon Valley in order to seek investors and participate at the "business booster' event organised by the French American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco
    Jan 2013 - Mar 2013

    EMEA Business Analyst @HP Inc

    from Jan 2013 - Mar 2013 (Internship)

    • Study correlation between IDC & Context (Market Intelligence)
    • Study Market of computer industry: Estimation, market investigation

    Jan 2012 - Mars 2012

    Junior Business Analyst @Co-work


    2013 - 2015

    Master in Business and Management

    from 2013 to 2015

    Master in Business and Management

    MY THESIS TOPIC: "Crowdsourcing as an innovation partner."During my Masters, I had the opportunity to study a topic related to the start-up I created. I focused on how crowdsourcing could be a key partner for innovation. I tried to answer the following question: Can we agree that crowdsourcing is a strong enabler for innovation and a potential business partner? I approached the question by using my own practical experience of building an application in the technology sector. I highlighted the importance of an idea meeting a market need. I then explain the complexity of the software development market and how competitive this market has become. I finished the study by calling out the limitations of the web-based contribution model.

    2009 - 2013

    Bachelor in Business and Marketing

    from 2009 to 2013

    Bachelor in Business and Marketing

    2005 - 2009

    High School

    "Bilel meets together the essential qualities of an entrepreneur : humility, agility and pragmatism. Having a great listener and a strategic vision of his target market, Bilel knows have the best possible competencies and skill profiles"

    - Xavier Lorin. Partner Investor @Positive Capital

    I am good at

    From the experiences gained through my employment and studies, I have learnt that having a great idea alone is not good enough, success comes with putting data and a structured process behind the idea. Business is not about creativity it’s about execution. I am a structured individual who is very analytic; I am disciplined and ensure objectives and deadlines are met. I learn from my mistakes and adapt quickly. I believe making mistakes is good as it challenges your creativity and helps you develop. Most importantly, I bring passion and intuition to a team.

    • Program Management 95%
    • Business Strategy 90%
    • Marketing Strategy 90%
    • Data analytic 95%
    • Platform Management 90%
    • Web Development 70%

    "For the past 18 months I have collaborated with Bilel on the HP Inc. Freedom project - the industry's largest transition from SFDC to MS Dynamics. It has been a pleasure to work with Bilel on this project. His ownership, attention to detail and teamwork was impressive - especially on such a complex, fast-paced project. Thank you Bilel for your commitment to excellence and consistent hard work to make the project a success!."

    - Jessica Gorczyka. Communication Manager & Sales Experience Lead @HP Inc

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